KJ6WZS DSTAR, DMR, P25 & Fusion Repeater

Covering Gilroy, San Martin,  Morgan Hill and surrounding areas

Gilroy Repeater Club

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About the KJ6WZS Repeater

The KJ6WZS DStar Repeater is located approximately in the center of Gilroy, with an antenna about 35 feet high. It is a club repeater that operates at 443.5250 MHz, with a + 5 MHz offset. The repeater is coordinated by www.narcc.org. The hardware consists of a Kenwood TKR-850-1 25 watt repeater, a MMDVM ZUM Pi board, which plugs on top of a Raspberry Pi. With this new board, the repeater now actively listens on 4 popular digital modes, plus analog. The system is solar powered with backup batteries.  The repeater also operates in analog mode with PL of 123. Please feel free to use whatever mode you wish, be it analog, D-Star, DMR, P25, or Fusion. Please feel free to contact Walter Dunckel K6ATV with any requests or questions.


Want to run your own hotspot for analog handhelds? This allows you to operate through Dstar with any analog handheld. All you need is a DVAP and a Raspberry Pi. Install guide here: http://maryland-dstar.org/downloads/raspi/RaspberryPi_Setup.pdf

The repeater is using G4KLX's TimerControl to automatically link to different gateways for particular scheduled dstar nets.